A Hike to EOOR (East End of Rundle)

img_5634Location: Canmore, Alberta

Distance: 870 m

Rout type: Out & Back

Difficulty: Hard

Duration: 5-6 hours

July 08, 2018

Last summer we hiked East End of Rundle (EOOR). It was the most challenging but definitely the most favorite hike of the season.

The trail started with steep ascent straightaway. No warm up.

Definitely a grind all the way up. It was a rocky terrain, steep, and rugged.

Lots of rocks. we passed numerous rock slab, scramble and even climbed boulders.


View of Bow Valley from EEOR


It was challenging. I was gasping for air most of the time.

Feet were getting heavier every step but you got to keep going.

After a while, you’ll be catching breaths for all the right reasons.

The sight around you was enough to take all your breath away

It was stunning. An understatement!

Worth it, Rewarding! BREATHTAKING


Whiteman Pond at the base of Ha Ling Peak



We Ended the Hike with a Dip!

Whitemans Pond



Forget Me Not Pond: Photoblog

Forget Me Not Pond Kananaskis, AB Canada

This pond lives up to its name.

Definitely, you will not ever forget!

Forget Me Not Pond has one of the most stunning views in Kananaskis Area
Forget Me Not Pond is our go-to Picnic area last summer. Great scenery, picnic tables, benches and firepit areas.



Visited the Fam: Snippets of Saskatoon photoblog

June 26-29

Saskatoon Saskatchewan

My sister is graduating. I booked a ticket and two hours later, I’m in Saskatoon.

No one knew of my arrival except my brother’s girlfriend who picked me up at the airport.

Definitely a surprise for the fam.

Home sweet home it is!

Day 1

Sister’s graduation. She’s cool.

An awardee. Proud sister

After not so long not so boring grad ceremony we headed to a garden which is a popular photoshoot location.  We took a bunch of photos. It was fun not until sister’s stiletto was killing her feet and it was killing the vibe too.

Boffins garden: A well maintained beautiful area with ponds and fish. It is picturesque perfect for photo shoots.

We ended the day with a dinner

Day 2

We planned to go to the lake but we ended doing nothing.

The evening I met with a good friend for dinner.

We went for a walk along the river after.

Saskatoon River Landing


Day 3

We finally did something. We visited Berry Barn. It’s beautiful views of the South Saskatchewan River and its abundant blueberries never fail.

South Saskatchewan River


Then we drove down the beach just near the berry barn. It was glorious.

We played volleyball but

nothing more extraordinary than playing tag around the beach. Exhausting!

Paradise Beach


It was a fun and exciting day indeed!

Day 4

We hit the newly open museum. It was quite interesting.

Remai Modern Museum


Lastly, the train bridge

See you YXE again on another visit

Short Relaxing Retreat

June 23-24, 2018

Panorama Mountain Resort, BC

We stayed in a lodged. Its structure, design, and location make it a perfect place to unwind.  Plus, it has everything we need. A fully equipped kitchen, enough rooms, and beds to accommodate us. Couldn’t ask for more. I could stay here forever.

Day 1: 

 Pretty relaxed morning nothing crazy, nothing exciting. We wandered a little and came across this cute bridge.

We also rode the gondola. Going up we can see the beautiful resort and I felt like I was transported to a place I always dream. I haven’t been to New Zealand but I have seen numerous landscape and sceneries of the country in movies, videos and in photos. In a brief moment, my dream came true. I’m in New Zealand. (bucket list, I’m coming for you)

Found a friend too!

The afternoon we hit the pool. Luckily, there were few people. There were two pools: one with warmer temp and the other below it was just the right temperature. Not too cold, not too warm and no single person on sight, COOL! I dived in right away. I swam to all my heart’s desire.

A few minutes later, friends followed and we hung out by the pool.


Nothing plan, we checked out to go home.

On the way home, we stopped at this viewpoint. Took photos of course.

East Kootenay G

Then another stopover. This time for an ice cream!

It was brief but relaxing, really!

Camping at Yoho National Park

JUNE 9-10, 2018

Location: Yoho National Park, British Columbia


The weather seems like having fun playing with us on our first day. It rains then stop then rain again. But it adds more to the excitement. Usually, when it’s raining and don’t have work at the time I would stay home binge-watching a Netflix show or watching my favorite YouTuber’s videos. It could get boring and I wish I’d rather be somewhere else.

CAMPING braving the COLD under the RAIN

I love camping there’s nothing refreshing than setting a tent then sleeping for a night or more. Literally one with nature. Away from the comfort of home and a break from the hustle and bustle of life.

Luckily, the sky is not pouring. It is raining a little so it is still ideal for camping.

After checking in at one of the park’s campground and setting our tent, we set to explore near places the park has to offer.  First on the list is to see Wapta falls. The trail to Wapta falls starts right at the parking lot.  It’s an easy walk, distance is 4.6 km and it leads to lush greenery, a forested walk indeed. However, it’s been raining most of the day so the trail is quite muddy. Certainly, interrupted by countless puddles but the sound of the waterfall from the distance is just alluring. The eager kid in me just want to run into the puddles and see

the Waterfall!

Surprisingly its massive!

Wapta waterfall

Kicking Horse River

DAY 2 we slept in

It’s pouring the night after and still pouring in the morning. We slept in. I kid you not it’s the best thing that happened. Instantly, I became a pluviophile. I’m so at peace. loving every moment. Definitely living the moment.

Few hours after, everything is packed and  ready to go home

We stop at Emerald Lake

It’s pouring but can’t stop us.

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

This probably one of the most memorable camping experience I’d ever had!

NOTE: Be aware that campgrounds are visited by bears. There are food lockers where you can store foods. Don’t leave any food inside the tent.

A Hike to Ha Ling Peak

JUNE 03, 2018

It’s not officially Summer this time but the weather is giving the vibes already.  The outdoor is inviting for another glorious adventure. The mountains are calling so I guess It’s about time for another adventure.

 Conquer Ha Ling


Location: From Canmore, follow the signs to the Nordic Centre on Spray Lakes Road, go past the Nordic Centre and into Kananaskis Country for 5 km. Park at the Goat Creek Day Use Area. Cross the road, and walk up the gravel road, and cross a bridge over a channel. The trailhead is marked by a large rock with a plaque at the tree line.

Elevation Gain: 741 m

Duration: 3-4 hours

Distance: 5.6 km.

Trail Report: Alberta Parks Website


The first section of the trail opens up to a forested terrain with saturated roots from tiniest to biggest size. This probably the most calming and relaxing part of the hike. The cool breeze is refreshing and the sound of bird’s chirping make the experience more even surreal. The elevation gain is consistent but the beginner in me is gasping for air already.

The second section prepares you for the final push to the peak. It is an alpine terrain. It is narrow, unclear and mostly rocks from big rocks slabs to scrambles. The sun is beaming directly. I feel hot, hotter every step ascending. The elevation is still consistent, my knees are still enduring. More and even more breaks. More traffic so we have to stop for people going down or up to pass.

The final approach at the peak is challenging, it is purely loose rocks and scrambles.

The peak offers a 360 view of Canmore town. Simply beautiful

All in all, the hike is moderately challenging.  We took our time ascending which took us 2 hours. Spent glorious time at the peak taking all in; the stunning panoramic views and just the experience alone.

Going down involves sliding, slipping and being more careful not to make erosions. We doubled our speed going down so it took us less time. In total the entire hike is more or less 4 hours.

NOTE: Wear a hiking shoe for a good grip

*Leaving a video for more*